What is a Zodiac Yantra

Like the traditional Yantras and Talismans, and our Soul Yantras, a Zodiac Yantra is also based on the sciences of numerology, magic squares, geometry, geomancy and astrology. The encoded data of the name of each sun sign is mapped to a magic square of the sun and coloured according to the planetary influences of that sign. By capturing this information in geometric art, we are encoding those influences in the most efficient way.

By using the sun sign name and colouring the resulting geometry according to the astrological influences, the Zodiac Yantra becomes completely unique. In the same way that numerology can encode a person’s character and aptitudes in numbers, the Zodiac Yantra does so through geometry. Your Zodiac Yantra literally captures your SUN essence in a harmonic geometric pattern.

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What is your Zodiac Sign?