happystaffWhat if you could easily access someone’s strengths, weaknesses and core values in seconds, just by knowing their date of birth?

Imagine the sense of power and confidence you would feel in being able to guide and manage your staff? That is exactly what is possible using the ancient science of numerology.

For example, by knowing that one of your staff has a psychic number of 10 and a destiny number of 8, you can immediately feel confident that this is a person that could lead your sales team. They are born with a sense of confidence and conviction that drives them to success, coupled with empathy and wise leadership to encourage and guide their team. And if they happened to also possess the “Arrow of Activity” you can be sure that they will the kind of person that would lead by example and get things done.

Now, let’s say that you have chosen a sales manager but you then find out that their psychic number is 3, but their destiny is 10. While they may have the gift of the gab, they may also be very hard to get along with and be too overpowering for the team. They may also be overly critical if they lack the number 4 in their birth chart. Even worse, they may have an isolated 9 which would indicate that they are not always very practical and their ideas are often unattainable. It is this sort of insight that can give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

There are numerous examples we could discuss here, but it takes a trained numerologist and spiritual counsel to understand the deep mechanics of what makes a person tick and how to bring out their best.

That is exactly what my team and I can do for your business.

Imagine the relief you will feel once you have this inside knowledge of your staff and your own self?

How much easier it will be to manage them and your own expectations!

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