understandingComp-2What if you could understand the strengths, weaknesses and best and worst times of your key competitors?

Certainly you could capitalise on this information to seize opportunities when the time is just right!

For example, if you knew that your competitor was in a 7 year in July (7) and you were in a 9 year in October (10) that they would be going through a time of sacrifice and austerity and would be best suited to consolidate and cut, rather than expand, whereas, you would be in a time of reaping the harvest and would be supported by a very strong 10 (sun) energy to help you take full advantage and act with confidence.

These influences would be compounded when we also took into consideration the numerology of the company itself. Yes, even a company has a numerology chart. After all, legally speaking a company is also a “person” and the name and time of incorporation of the company will also heavily influence a company’s destiny and culture.

For example, say the company had a psychic number of 5 and a destiny of 22, it would indicate that this company would have a very liberal culture, widely popular and would always be ahead of the curve with excellent feel for the market. Most likely the company would have some kind of healing or spiritual agenda.

An experienced numerologist would look at the company name, incorporation date, as well as the name and birthdays of the founding members to get a clear understanding of the company’s strengths, weaknesses and destiny.

Much inside information can be gathered without the need for corporate espionage or illegal tactics. Numerology in the hands of a wise and experienced counsel can reveal incredible inside information.

That is exactly what our Competition Analysis service offers.

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