The 7 Maxims of Soul Happiness – Unleash Your Inner Bliss




Happiness is something we all crave for, whether in food, sex, entertainment, relationships, children, career, hobbies, or sleep. Happiness drives us, and indeed, it defines the quality of our life. One may have immense wealth, but if they are not happy, then mostly they have failed in life. Without happiness, life loses its value. And with a decrease in satisfaction, we are witnessing an increase in suicide all over the world. In a world where mental and physical stimuli are in abundance, it seems inconceivable that anyone could be unhappy. Surely, everyone can find some form of happiness, but alas, many people fail and go through life sad and exasperated or hope against hope for some sliver of joy to miraculously appear over the horizon of their destiny.

Happiness is the nature of the spirit. The Vedanta-sutras states, Anandamayo ‘bhysat – “The soul is, by nature, full of joy.” However, due to misidentifying our true self with matter, we lose touch with this natural blissful state and identify with the pain and suffering of a physical form. The 7 Maxims of Soul Happiness will provide the key to unlock the door to a more blissful life.